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June 11 2014

In our last blog we looked at three spices (Panch phoran, black truffle salt and smoked garlic powder) and saw how all of these could add something a little different to your cooking. As one of the leading suppliers of Indian spices, we here at Shop Spicy are never happier than when we are finding new spices to liven up our cooking.

In this part two blog we have chosen 3 new spices that you may never have heard of, but each and every one is sure to add a unique and special edge to your cooking;

Powdered Sumac

Powdered Sumac is a little-heard-of spice that you will certainly want to add to your spice rack soon. With a wonderful deep red colour and tart flavour it is perfect in fish dishes or sprinkled as a final tasty embellishment to your dish. The great thing about Sumac is that despite being relatively unknown it is readily available from any good spice store and is very inexpensive.

 photo 40539702-b0fa-461e-ba40-b8dd12f4bd79_zps5abd328f.jpg

Grains of paradise

As the name suggests this spice really is something very special! From the same spice family as Ginger, this spice has a truly unique character. A peppery bite is accompanied with gentle citrus tones that give it a complex depth of flavour. As with Sumac this spice has a real propensity to go incredibly well with fish, especially delicate white fish such as cod or sole.

 photo ea1aa028-bd1a-4216-bad7-bb3e9f80a970_zps97161d51.jpg


This wonderful herb is related to Parsley and has a similar flavour to the popular herb, but also manages to be very different. With a more delicate, subtle and almost floral flavour, Chervil is perfect for intriguing palates at your next dinner party. Adding Chervil to your next salad or egg dish will open up a new world of flavour, and the first taste will certainly not be the last.

 photo d4b0b9ff-3966-4a4d-90ca-a778becd5e2e_zpsb873ece2.jpg

We hope you have enjoyed our look at some of the herbs and spices that are a little less known but equally as interesting as more popular ones. Here at Shop Spicy we believe it is always important to try new things and broaden your horizons, and we hope this list has helped you do this.

Don’t forget that we have a wide range of spices available that are all perfect for adding a little extra to your meals. If you have any queries regarding our spices or any other products we offer don’t hesitate to contact us on 0161 339 4744 and we will be happy to help.


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